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How Did You Get Your First Real Estate Listing?
7 months ago

Realtors and buyers sometimes struggle with finding good real estate listings. It is important to look for new listings as well as keep current listings up to date and accurate. The industry needs buyers and real estate agent for new homes to work as a team to find the best deals. With new listings, real estate agents may struggle for new business. When it no longer prime purchasing season, it is particularly difficult to persuade a homeowner they should list their property for sale to a specific buyer. 


There are many ways to find new real estate listings online. The first way is to locate an established listing service on the internet. These services are inexpensive and can give you a number of different options of listing types including agent-to-agent and open houses. You can use these services as a research tool, if you are new to the real estate market. If you are already experienced in the industry, you will want to stick with a real estate agent based service. A listing agent will bring you leads and show you properties that match your criteria.  Learn more about real estate now.


Another way to find the best real estate listings is to locate a pocket listing service. Pocket listings are found online at many agencies. The information is not as current and does not include MLS information. Pocket listings are great for those who are looking for houses, condos and mobile homes in their areas that are for sale by owner. This type of listing is not for those who are looking for the best price.


Many people mistakenly believe they are using a broker when they use a pocket listing service. The fact is that the agent is not collecting commission from the listing and does not manage the inventory or do any contact with potential buyers. Therefore, when using a pocket listing service, you should be aware of the fact that you will not be dealing directly with the agent. You will still need to take care of all the traditional real estate marketing strategies, such as inspections, contract negotiations, lead generation and marketing. You will just be doing it without an agent.


If you are just getting started in real estate investing, you will probably not need a full-time staff to manage your listings. It can be enough to use a part-time listing service. That is because most of these types of services have tools such as free web-based calendars, photo galleries and photo editing tools. You will also be able to send out press releases, send out mail to homeowners, post auctions and send out listing letters to sellers. All of this helps you get the word out about your home so you can increase your chances of getting more home sales.


Marketing is the key to buying or selling a house. Your property listing is only the first step in the marketing process. It is important to understand that you will not be able to close the deal on your first listing. As long as you continue to work with your real estate agent, the chance of selling your house will increase. Remember how did you get your first listing?  This article has provided you with more information on this topic: 

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